What is Azure Virtual Desktop and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Azure Virtual Desktop is a desktop and app virtualisation service that runs on the cloud, allowing users to use virtual desktops and remote apps securely.

Here’s what you can do when you run Azure Virtual Desktop on Azure:

• Set up a multi-session Windows 11 or Windows 10 deployment that delivers a full Windows experience with scalability

• Present Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise and optimise it to run in multi-user virtual scenarios

• Provide Windows 7 virtual desktops with free Extended Security Updates

• Bring your existing Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and Windows Server desktops and apps to any computer

• Virtualise both desktops and apps

• Manage desktops and apps from different Windows and Windows Server operating systems with a unified management experience

What makes AVD unique and what’s new?

Microsoft have put together a useful 10-minute video on Azure Virtual Desktop, and what sets it apart from other desktop and app virtualisation services.

So… How does Azure Virtual Desktop benefit my business?

This is where the flexibility of Azure Virtual Desktop really comes into its own. There are several fits for AVD that will allow you to reap its many benefits. Let’s take a look at some scenarios in which Azure Virtual Desktop resolves common business problems.

1. Your business wants to move to working from home on a ‘bring your own device’ basis but doesn’t want the data stored on the users’ personal computer(s)

In this scenario only one piece of software is required on your team’s computers: Microsoft Remote Desktop. Your users simply download, install and sign into the software. As easy as 1, 2, 3! Next, the user is presented with the same familiar desktop they’ve become accustomed to, pre-populated with your required software – the user simply needs to hit “sign in” and they’re away.

2. Your business operates a hybrid remote working policy but users are working from home with a very slow broadband connection at their address

One of the biggest perks of Azure Virtual Desktop is that you only pay for what you use. So, let’s break this down:

• Joe Bloggs works from home Monday to Wednesday

• Joe lives in the middle of nowhere

• Joe has slow broadband at home

Implementing Azure Virtual Desktop means that all Joe needs to do is download Microsoft Remote Desktop the first time, install it and sign in. All the data transfer and downloading of documents happens on the Azure-based PC, meaning that Joe’s remote session is operating at lightning-fast speeds ensuring his working day is spent as efficiently as possible. Here’s where it gets really good: with Azure Virtual Desktop you pay a small initial fee for having the machine at the user’s remote working location, but going forward you only pay for the time spent working on the machine. That means that if Joe only works from home Monday – Wednesday, you won’t pay usage costs for the Thursday and Friday in which Joe is office-based.

Of course, these are only two scenarios in which Azure Virtual Desktop is really useful – there are lots more ways that it can fit into your business.

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