How we work

We get to know our clients, taking the time to understand their needs. It's all about finding the right IT systems and solutions for today, tomorrow and the future.

We bring your IT to life

Every company is different. That’s why we get to know our customers first. Before we recommend any IT solutions, systems or services we want to know more about your business goals – what you need to happen. This focus on higher level requirements means we can ensure we deliver exactly what you need and that it works well for you. We’ve created a detailed audit process that can look at your current IT solutions, and future requirements. From this, we create a detailed report of our findings, presenting it to you alongside our recommendations for what we know will work best for your business.

Our ethos is centred around trust and transparency. We will never sell IT solutions unless we believe – as engineers – that it is the right system for you. We always recommend tried and tested solutions, whether that be cloud, servers or software, and we are always ready to test new products first, to ensure they meet your needs. Take a look at the process we follow.

Our process

step one


We’ll take the time to get to know you before referring you onto one of our engineers, who will start to understand your business, your IT systems and support needs.

Step Two


After spending time to understand your requirements, we conduct a complimentary audit of your IT systems, looking in depth at your needs and your future requirements.

Stage Three


We will create a list of recommendations, working in line with your budgetary requirements. Together we can create a strategy that can help create more efficient systems and save you money.

Step Four


All our IT systems are implemented in line with industry best practice. We are able to source and purchase software or hardware from dedicated suppliers, helping you save money, all thanks to our accreditations and existing relationships.

Step Five


We build upon and strengthen our relationships, with regular reviews, helping to ensure all your systems run as they should 365 days a year. This provides that added peace of mind that your IT is always in safe hands.

Our support

Our IT support is tailored to our customers’ specific needs. We don’t offer packages, as we know that one-size doesn’t fit all. Each business is different, and thats why we put together the components that work for you. This means you only ever pay for features you need and use. We offer many different services and support options and you can add and remove them any time to best fit your needs.

These start with Pay-As-You-Go, through flexible block hour purchases, to fully managed services.  All of these options are available with either the basic service level or premium guaranteed. Take a look at some of the ways our customers work with us.

  • Pay As You Go
  • Block hours
  • Managed IT services

Pay As You Go

We can provide remote and on-site support to your business as and when you need it. Our IT support is fast, reliable and jargon free. Our holistic approach means we take time to diagnose the problem, establishing the best path of action quickly and effectively. We can then react accordingly, pulling in the right expertise for the project.

Our premium service level agreements provide guaranteed response times. We have options for standard, extended and 24/7 support via our helpdesk, which is operated by experienced staff. We ensure all our staff are constantly learning and updating qualifications to ensure we are able to deliver results quickly and effectively.  Piran Engineers operate on a three tier system, which means we always have skilled members of the team with expertise in different areas on hand, meaning the solution is always closer than you think.  

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Block hours

Block hours can help small to medium businesses manage their IT costs more effectively. Whether this is for remote support, one off projects or site visits, block hours gives you ultimate flexibility and control on what you are spending.

How does it work? You buy a block of time, which can be used or saved as you wish. There’s no expiry or time limit on the hours bought, and the more you buy, the more you save. Many of our clients enjoy this option, as it allows them to remain in control as well as providing the reassurance that we are there, if you need us.


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Managed IT services

Our managed IT services provide that peace of mind and support for those customers that are looking for us to take over the responsibility for IT systems at a fixed price.  With managed services the emphasis is on us to make sure your systems work reliably.

You can add in premium service levels, extended hours (8am-6pm) and 24/7 cover through our experienced fleet of technicians. We are that helping hand and the friendly advice that you can call upon, as and when you need it.  With managed services you are also engaging us to think ahead about the future of your business and how to deliver this with a short, medium and long term plan.

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We can provide remote and on-site IT support to your business as and when you need it, by phone or in your office

Support around the clock

We offer 24hr support, seven days a week via our help desk and our on call fleet of technicians. As your business grows, so will your IT needs. That’s why we can be that helping hand when you need it or provide longer strategic advice as part of your forward planning. Even when you don’t need us, we are keeping an eye on your systems with constant monitoring and updates, giving you that added peace of mind.

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Our three tier team

IT is at the heart of all businesses, that’s why we operate on a three tier system. This means we have skilled engineers with different areas of expertise always on hand. After we determine the severity of your problem, we can react accordingly, pulling in the right person for the project.  Our three tier system also allows us to flexible in the way we work, meaning the solution is always closer than you think.

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Our three tier team of engineers means after we determine the severity of your problem, we can react quickly and effectively.

 DM Orthotics

With  clinics throughout the UK, and many  international  clients,  DM Orthotics  recognises  the importance of good IT systems. Unhappy with the service  provided by their previous supplier, we conducted an initial audit, which recommended a much-needed  update to their systems.

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“Working with Piran has  significantly increased our confidence in our  IT Systems. The audit  highlighted  the limitations of our current systems. They were able to reduce,  and in some cases eradicate  costs.”

Martin Matthews, Managing Director DM Orthotics   

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