Proactive monitoring

Proactive monitoring for your systems allows our help-desk, engineers, and management to dynamically monitor and manage your systems from afar. This can minimise the risk of breakages and downtime to your business, as well as avoid unexpected bills.

We understand how important it is to keep your systems running quickly, efficiently and safely – that’s why we recommend regular monitoring and maintenance of your systems, hardware and software. Proactive monitoring systems allows us to address any problems that may occur within your systems before they escalate and impact your business.

Our software allows us to connect your systems, where our engineers can keep an eye on your networks, monitoring any alarms and messages and providing when assistance is needed. We ensure your systems are running at the highest levels of performance and reliability. This gives you the peace of mind that everything is being constantly checked, optimised and updated behind the scenes.

What proactive monitoring includes:

Hardware monitoring – picking up failures (e.g. disks) so they can be fixed before you lose any data

Systems monitoring – picking up issues such as disk-space and CPU usage – so you aren’t struggling with unnecessary slowdowns

Update/Patch management – ensures systems are updated in a way that works for you and minimises the risk of problems like ransomware

Remote Control – we can give you access to the system so your staff can take ownership, or simply use the built-in remote control.

Karl Harper, Escalated Systems Engineer at Piran Technologies

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“Often, our customers are completely unaware that an issue has occurred. Thats where proactive monitoring can be very handy. We like to think of ourselves as the silent team you need but can’t see. For those businesses that rely on their systems 24/7, this service is invaluable.”

Karl Harper, Escalated Systems Engineer



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