Managed IT services

Our managed IT services provides peace of mind and support for those customers that are looking for us to take over the responsibility for their IT systems, at a fixed monthly cost. With managed services the emphasis is on us to make sure your systems work reliably.

We like to build relationships with our customers; that’s why we offer a service that covers not just replacing a single system, or resolving single issues, but provides a longer term, holistic IT strategy for your organisation. With our managed IT services you are also engaging us to think ahead about the future of your business and how to deliver this with a short, medium and long term plan.

Why managed IT services

Managed services are provided at a fixed price for the support we offer, meaning you’ll have certainty over your IT budget and no unexpected support costs. Our flexible package means you can add in premium service levels, extended hours (8am-6pm) and 24/7 cover through our experienced fleet of technicians to suit your business need.

This service is used by businesses without a dedicated IT department as well as those IT Managers that are just looking for additional support. Through Piran’s range of Managed IT Services, our goal is to enable you to make the best use of IT in your business within the budgets available.

Andrew Lloyd, Senior Systems Engineer at Piran Technologies

Why talk to us

“Our IT managed services are a great way of ensuring that your IT can be the one thing you don’t have to worry about. The breadth of knowledge across our team, as well as the services included, such as constant monitoring, and remote software updates, will mean you won’t need to give your systems a second thought.”

Andrew Lloyd, Senior Systems Engineer


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