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3CX is a software-based phone system that can run either on-site or securely in the cloud. 3CX can help you receive calls outside of the office, integrate with your CRM and existing telephony/mobile systems, implement call-recording, setup conference calls and dashboards and much more.

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It is unlike traditional/legacy systems in that, it allows you to make calls through the internet (VoIP). It is highly secure by design and costs are a fraction of legacy systems and typically only require a monthly contract with a VoIP provider and a reliable internet connection.

3CX has features that previously were only to be available in the most expensive and dedicated systems, at a much-reduced cost. It allows you to reduce overheads, as you can cancel ISDN lines, use generic phones, and only pay for licenses based on the number of concurrent calls (as opposed to the number of users as was the case with legacy systems). The basic version is free for eight concurrent calls.

Why choose 3CX Phone Systems?

3CX has a host of benefits for businesses. The system and software is easy to install and update and the setup is very quick, particularly for the cloud version. 3CX can also run on your existing systems and use your existing lines if you prefer.

3CX allows businesses to cut costs by removing contracts, ties to specific hardware, phonelines and call costs. Every version allows for unlimited internal phones and users – you only pay for the combined calls outside the system. There is also the ability to host in the cloud, allowing you to pay a low monthly hosting fee rather than expensive up-front costs you would see with traditional systems for a box that sits on the wall.  If your organisation has a high number of remote workers then the included android and iPhone apps, combined with the softphone allow you to avoid physical handsets completely.

3CX allows you to take your office extension with you anywhere. Compatible with iOS and Android, windows and Macs/OSX, you can answer calls via the office phone extension and transfer to colleagues without asking customers to call another number. It also reduces the need for secondary phones.

3CX can also integrate with databases, and CRM systems. 3CX’s Click to Call extension, instantly identifies the phone numbers that appear on browsers and CRMs. It allows callers to simply click and the system will automatically dial.

For more information on the features of 3CX, visit their website.

While maintaining the most complete feature set available, the complete list of functionalities is too long to list on one page. Call us on 01209 340120 for more information and a free consultation.

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“Our engineers have been using Sip Trunks and VoIP systems since 2004, and have supported and used phone systems starting with Cisco, Avaya amongst others.  We moved to 3CX in 2013 and haven’t looked back.  We are currently a 3CX Gold Partner and reseller – this means we are able to offer discounted licenses to ensure you get the lowest possible cost and deliver the savings you expect.

We train all our engineers in the system and have installed and support many variants of the system.  We wholeheartedly recommend 3cx for the vast majority of deployments, but recommend you call us first so we can discuss all the options, pros/cons and then put together a solution that we can be absolutely certain will work well for you. ”

Daniel Pugh, Managing Director

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