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Looking to expand your business at a lower cost? Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible hybrid Cloud platform, built on the same technologies that are already trusted by millions – Windows Server, SQL Server, Active Directory, Hyper-V and more. This means a consistent, familiar and stable environment.

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With its integrated collection of cloud services, Microsoft Azure provides organisations with a simple way to scale up and down as their business needs change. We work with developers and IT Professionals that are looking to get the most out of the Azure platform.

Azure can help protect your business with managed cloud backups, making Disaster Recovery a built-in service. For applications spanning multiple on-premises sites, Azure takes advantage of ExpressRoute for a private, fast, reliable connection. This allows organisations to drive innovation at a lower cost.

One benefit of Azure is that you own your own data and have control over where it is stored and how it is accessed.

Piran Technologies are a Microsoft Gold partner and more importantly, unlike other partner in the region, we are a Tier One Partner which means we have a direct relationship with Microsoft.  This means we can ensure you get the best advice on licensing and the lowest cost.  Specifically, we have helped many organisations manage Azure costs and reduce them.  Typically, this requires specific knowledge on how to manage the systems to reduce costs whilst maintaining maximum functionality.

Daniel Pugh, Managing Director at Piran Technologies

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” We regularly assist developers in the intricacies of Azure billing and optimisation, which has the greatest impact in reducing monthly bills.  Piran Technologies will work with your team to manage Microsoft Azure efficiently.”

Daniel Pugh, Managing Director

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