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How Microsoft Office 365 can support your business

Microsoft Office 365 offers cloud-based subscriptions to the software your business needs, including Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook. You can reduce costs through a subscription and make your system easily scalable – from one to thousands of users as you grow. You can save your documents and files in the cloud, offering peace of mind in case your computer gets lost or damaged.

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About Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a platform to allow you to purchase cloud-based monthly subscription licenses for all your business software applications, incorporating the latest versions of Outlook, SharePoint, Excel, PowerPoint and more.  Microsoft have an excellent suite of products based around the original Microsoft Office desktop software licenses, but 365 allows you to move your systems to the cloud whilst also reducing up-front costs through its subscription model.

Outlook 2016 via the Microsoft 365 subscription provides one of the key improvements over traditional desktop Office software licenses – as the system is supported and managed by Microsoft you can be reassured it will work faster and more reliably. It also benefits from a reduction in spam and many additional security options such as 2-factor authentication. With a subscription to Office 365 you will always have the most up-to-date version of the software.

Most customers opt for the bundled plans which add in OneDrive and Skype for business.  The flexibility of using the cloud allows you to save documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in OneDrive, online. This allows the ability to share them with others as well as access them remotely on the go.  Everything stored is automatically duplicated in the cloud so if a computer dies then you don’t lose your important data. Office 365 enables you to communicate with customers and remote workers more effectively with skype, and collaborate on files at the same time via OneDrive and SharePoint.

The premium plan adds the latest version of the desktop software which can be installed on 5 separate machines (PC or Mac) including your desktop, laptop and home pc, for example.

There is also the added flexibility, whether you’re working in your office or on the go, you can access files via mobile devices. You will benefit from always having the latest versions of the software, so you’ll never have to worry about updates.

Microsoft Gold Partner

We started using 365 in the beta phase (2010) and have migrated our own systems as well as thousands of customers.  We are a Microsoft Gold partner and more importantly a Tier 1 provider which means we have a direct relationship with Microsoft and can deliver the lowest costs. We test the latest features so we can be sure that the technologies and working practices will function as you expect.

Alex Pugh Director at Piran Technologies

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“We combine our partnerships and specialities such as Microsoft and Cisco (networking) into a holistic approach, looking at all your systems to recommend a solution that will work well and securely for you whilst getting the best out of the platform. If you are looking to explore migrating to Office 365, we can help provide advice on the best packages for you.”

Alex Pugh, Director

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