Why Offsite Backups Are Essential For Your Business

Here’s why offsite backups are essential for your business.

Almost all businesses will store sensitive data as part of their day-to-day operations, from business critical financial data to customer information. While every sector will have its own regulations for how data must be stored, all businesses need to ensure that this data is properly protected: a breach could involve serious downtime for your business, a fine, or damaged reputation and the loss of your customers’ trust.

We’re experts on keeping your data safe, and we work with organisations of all sizes to help them find the best, most appropriate and most cost-effective solutions. We strongly recommend offsite backups as a highly secure, efficient, and cost-saving way to keep your data safe – read on to find out why.

Faster disaster recovery

An offsite backup should form a key part of a coherent disaster recovery strategy for your business. Backing up your data offsite ensures your critical business information is kept safe even in the event of a fire or flood in your office, or where your servers or hard drives are kept. When your data is backed up securely offsite, you can get back up and running quickly after a disaster, ensuring minimal downtime and disruption for your clients and customers. It can also help when you’re sourcing business insurance; over the last few years we’ve seen a noted increase in the number of insurance companies requiring some form of offsite backup.

Reduced costs

Offsite backups are a great way to reduce costs and maintenance headaches, compared to storing your data onsite. Onsite servers will need routine maintenance, upgrades, and software updates, which can often result in unexpected costs. Offsite backups usually come with a predictable monthly cost, with none of the associated maintenance or unplanned expense.

Better data security

One of the only irreplaceable components in your business is your data Protecting this, along with your customers’ data, should be at the top of every organisation’s list of priorities. While there are lots of elements to good data protection practice, securely backing up your data is an essential one. A good offsite data backup solution will protect your data with end-to-end encryption and stringent security measures to give you and your customers peace of mind that your data is completely secure.

Unlimited storage space

Onsite data storage will need upgrading to accommodate your growing business, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Offsite backups are easily scalable and will grow with you: when you need more storage space, you can easily upgrade your plan as needed.

Reduced exposure to human error

Offsite backups will automatically back up your data periodically, so there’s no need to remember to manually back up using hard drives. Portable hard drives are easily lost, stolen or damaged, whereas an offsite backup will keep your data secure in the cloud. You’ll get complete peace of mind that your data has been backed up no matter what happens.

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