We’re Officially ISO27001 Accredited!

We’re pleased to announce that as of 5th July 2022 Piran Tech are officially ISO 27001 accredited!

We breakdown what ISO 27001 is, what this means for Piran Tech and our customers below…

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is the internationally recognised standard for information security management.

The standard is designed to ensure that adequate security controls are in place to assist in protecting information in line with regulatory requirements including the EU’s GDPR and NIS Regulations. Information security is commonly defined using the C-I-A triad:

• Confidentiality – Information is available only to authorised users

• Integrity – Information is accurate and complete

• Availability – Authorised users have access to information when they need it

C-I-A is a common model that forms the basis for the development of security systems and is used for finding vulnerabilities and methods for creating solutions.

A huge thanks to Emma

Emma, our Compliance Officer, has spent a large portion of her time over the last 12 months working towards documenting policy, procedure, and conducting internal audits ahead of our external audit for final sign off. Emma says;

“This is the latest step in Piran Tech’s compliance roadmap, improving customer confidence that we’re meeting industry best security standards. This certification reinforces Piran Tech’s position as one of the most secure Managed Service Providers in the UK.”

Did you know we also had ISO 9001?

Combining ISO 27001 and 9001 means that not only are Piran Tech’s processes compliant with information security but also quality assurance. Achieving dual certification proves incredibly useful, by doing so Piran Tech simultaneously demonstrate our ability and commitment to information security risk management, whilst also validating our dedication to the optimal delivery of our high quality products and services.

What does this mean for our customers?

In short, our customers can take great comfort knowing that our security procedures meet the highest security standard governed by international law. At Piran Tech we know how important security is to both our infrastructure and our customers. Gaining this accreditation means we can offer compliant solutions for business’ regardless of how in depth their security needs are, ensuring that you get the very best guidance. Our Managing Director Dan Pugh says;

“ISO 27001 gives our employees, customers and associates the assurance that our systems, processes and solutions are compliant with international security regulations. Piran Tech are continually looking for ways to improve and this latest accreditation reinforces our commitment to this” 


This also means that Piran Tech are now able to assist customers with obtaining their ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications. Combining this with our technical teams experience with security solution implementation, we’re now able to offer not only the solutions, but also the advice and guidance on the policies and procedures required for obtaining your ISO 27001 and 9001 accreditations.

Whether your business is looking to improve security or obtain ISO 27001, we can offer the expertise you need, with the service you deserve! Get in touch today!