Business continuity & disaster recovery

Have you ever considered what would happen to your business if it were to suffer an IT disaster? At Piran Technologies, we experts in disaster recovery. We know a high percentage of significant disasters result in complete failure of the organisation, permanently.

Fires, floods and even ransomware could damage or destroy your systems, costing you money, lost productivity and customers. That’s why we recommend implementing business continuity and disaster recovery (D.R) planning to all of our customers.

How long can your business afford not to be operational? You need to consider anything linked to your power supply, i.e. phones, computers and machinery. We’ll help you install cloud backup systems, which allow you to run everything remotely, so you can get running quickly.

We never know what lies around the corner. That’s why we encourage all our clients to look to the future and consider disaster recovery. It costs very little to consider scenarios in advance, but it can cost a lot more after the event.

We will work with you to create a disaster recovery (DR) plan, considering all possible eventualities. Working with your IT team or your staff, we’ll consider the wider business to create and help implement the plan, ensuring everyone is aware of the steps to follow, if the unthinkable does happen. We’ll ensure there are no immediate or short term threats, ensuring regular back-ups and updates take place.


Alex Pugh Director at Piran Technologies

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“Our engineers are all forward thinking in their approach. We’ll sit down and have a frank discussion, about disaster recovery, ensuring you have the big picture. Are there any risks with the current setup? Are there any simple steps that could be taken to reduce risk? We want to create cost effective solutions that ensure your systems are protected at all times.”

Alex Pugh, Director

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