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Our team is able to advise and provide various website hosting and cloud servers options for our clients.  Its perfect for those clients looking for fast and cost-effective website hosting, which is easy to use and simple to integrate, no matter what platform.

We pride ourselves on our independence and provide support for customers with Windows, Linux, and VPS dedicated servers and virtual cloud servers, from a number of cloud providers including Amazon, Google, Azure and more.

Our website hosting services

Our engineers are trained in Linux, as well as Windows. Advanced monitoring systems, integrated with 24/7 alerting and support, ensure you have the highest up-time and reliability.

Furthermore, our hosting services provide you with the ability to host your systems on a virtual server. This allows for expansion and greater reliability, as well as removing the risk of hardware failure. Like all cloud solutions we offer, the main motivation for businesses switching to the cloud is cost. Typically it is based around a subscription model where you only pay for what you use.

Most physical servers involve expensive setup, as well as needing to be backed up regularly. There is also a lifespan for these products, constantly calling for upgrades and data migrations every few years. Not to mention the added risk if the server cannot be recovered after a physical disaster such as a fire or a flood. Cloud hosting can result in cost savings, as well as the added flexibility of being able to expand at any time.

Our engineers have been managing web systems for many years. So, our clients can use our expertise and knowledge as much or as little as they need.

Adam Everett, IT Systems Engineer, Piran Technologies

Why Us

“Piran offer fast and efficient website hosting, which is easy to use and simple to integrate no matter what platform. Whether it’s shared or dedicated hosting, Azure or AWS,  we have trained engineers in linux and windows who will help you design a solution, implement and support it.We have options for 24/7 monitoring and alerting which allow you to be sure your systems are running as smoothly as possible.”

Adam Everett, IT Systems Engineer

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