Cloud file sharing and cloud storage

Using cloud storage and cloud file sharing means always being able to access your most important documents and saved files wherever you are and on any device. Reach your files from any smartphone, tablet, or computer – wherever you go, your files can follow.

Why cloud storage?

Online cloud based file sharing is used as an alternative to server solutions, also by small and medium sized businesses who want flexibility in their working. In addition to the benefit of working remotely, cloud storage always ensures you have access to your files and increased amounts of storage.

Cloud-based document sharing and file sharing means you can transfer, share and access files easily. You can collaborate and update your colleagues and customers quicker and easier than ever before. Because Cloud storage and file sharing is a more efficient way of remote working, it eliminates the need to always resend and re-save the latest version of documents.

Most of all, there is the additional benefit of added security. Cloud sharing platforms are designed with multiple layers of protection across a distributed, reliable infrastructure. Securely access files from your desktop, web, and mobile or through connected third-party apps.

Our partnerships

We work closely with Microsoft and Google, who offer many packages with different features including One Drive and Google Drive. These include different storage options, upload limits and data loss protection. We will help you choose the right package so you only pay for what you need and it works reliably and efficiently.


Adam Jose, Escalated Systems Engineer, Piran Technologies

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“No matter what your cloud storage need, we can recommend which systems will work for you. We ensure they integrate with your existing software and apps. We’ll manage the install and the on-going support, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Our customers can take advantage of our experience – we’ve moved thousands of users and organisations, meaning you can rely on our solution being reliable and efficient. Our experience allows you to save time and money straight away!”

Adam Jose, Escalated Systems Engineer

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