How Collaborative Tech Brings Teams Together

Collaborative working from anywhere

It’s no secret that collaborative working brings your team closer together, enables them to work more efficiently and makes for easier problem solving. There are lots of collaborative working tools out there that allow remote or hybrid working teams (or teams split across multiple locations) to share files, work together on projects, and stay connected.  If your team is making the switch to hybrid working or growing to multiple sites, we can recommend collaborative working tools that’ll suit your business needs – but we’d also recommend looking at the IT solutions you use every day.

The trend towards remote and hybrid working is here to stay, with lots of organisations recognising the benefits, from reduced overheads and increased flexibility to improved job satisfaction and a lower environmental impact. Collaborative working from anywhere is now more important than ever before, and having the right tech is key – but how can Piran Tech help?

Tech for collaborative working

There are lots of options out there and choosing the right solution can seem daunting. That’s where we come in. We take the time to get to know you and your business: once that’s done, we can recommend the best solutions for your business, with your goals, business strategy and budget in mind. When it comes to collaborative working, the cloud is the future – cloud-based technologies such as Microsoft 365Google Workspace and 3CX Phone System offer some of the best collaboration tools out there. Whether you’re looking to video conference, screen share or have multiple people editing a single document, these technologies have got you covered, with lots more functionality there if you need it.

We are experts when it comes to IT for businesses of all shapes and sizes. You’ll benefit from our expertise and experience, saving you time and money spent trying out different options before you find the one that fits.

“No matter what your cloud storage needs, we can recommend systems that will work for you. We’ll ensure they integrate with your existing software and apps. We’ll manage the install and the on-going support, ensuring everything runs smoothly.”

Adam Jose, Senior Systems Engineer

We really do believe that technology is best when it brings people together and we’re here to help you find the solutions that are right for you.

Whether you’re new to Microsoft 365, Google Workspace or 3CX, or you’re already using them but feel you’re not making the most of their features, we can help you maximise your budget and ensure your team have everything they need to collaborate effectively. Contact us today to find out more.