TRAC are a consultancy that help medicines gain the approvals needed so they can be made available to patients. Set up in 2001, the company has enjoyed significant growth and success from its base in Cornwall. Office Manager, Vicki Kent, is responsible for the company’s IT infrastructure and explains how TRAC has worked closely with Piran Technologies to ensure the company’s systems were working as they should be.

“We decided to review our IT provision within the company, as we wanted to increase the control we have over our IT.  We also wanted to be more proactive about what our future IT requirements might look like. Piran Technologies not only offered the best solution for our business, but also were a company that mirrored our ethos.

Since taking those initial steps, Piran have helped us to evaluate four of our servers, migrating our email to the cloud, and allowing us to reduce our on-site server requirements down to three. We also streamlined our IT infrastructure. We had a lot of unnecessary hardware which was not inline with our organisation’s environmental policy.

Piran also recommended a change in type from large processor based servers to racked servers – so in terms of space and energy requirements, everything has been reduced. When we consider our future office needs, we no longer have to allow space for a server room in our plans.

Having made the switch to Microsoft Outlook 365 for our email, it’s good to know we can upscale and extend to other cloud systems as our confidence continues to grow.


" I’d sum up our relationship with Piran as a partnership – it’s all about delivering the best IT systems and service for our business and doing it together."

“Since we started working with Piran, we’ve got to know how each other operate. They are always ready to listen and as a client, we always feel that our feedback is acted on in a very positive way with a focus on finding workable solutions.

On a day to day basis, we need reactive IT support and Piran have consolidated the support ticket logs for us, so we can see more easily what time we use each month. This has not only helped us to reduce our costs by buying blocks of the support hours we need up front, but there are also some admin tasks that Piran have trained us how to do ourselves, which again saves us money and also makes things quicker.

In this sense they empower us and are always open and honest, doing what’s right for us as a client. Service is their priority and they are very flexible – it’s about what works for us.

The best thing about Piran Technologies is they make sure we’re future proofed – as a growing business, our needs are changing all the time; we need our IT supplier to be able to grow with us and that’s something they’re very good at. We know what we need to be looking at next and also what to budget for next year.”

For more information on services TRAC provides, visit their website. 

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