SSE contacted us in the run up to the G7 summit in Cornwall to assist with a project they were carrying out for Devon and Cornwall Police. They required a secure connection to allow the police to monitor CCTV of the G7 summit in St Ives from the HQ facility.

We provided consultation to assess the best solution for their needs in a short time frame, as well as hardware procurement, testing and installation. As they needed a solution at short notice, we set the connection up using their existing infrastructure rather than an additional installation.

"We started with project discussions with Piran, who came up with a solution. Once the client had decided to proceed with their suggestion, Piran turned the quote around quickly. They issued us with delivery and completion times for the project which the client was happy with. Everything went smoothly and we delivered the solution to the client within a tight deadline."

Police in Exeter needed to be able to access CCTV footage remotely from a Cornwall Council Control Centre in Cornwall. We procured a router from a trusted supplier and set up a secure VPN tunnel to connect the two site locations. On-site in Exeter, we configured and tested the router and ensured the VPN connection was working correctly.

Due to limited bandwidth at the station in Cornwall, and the restricted nature of the information, a stand alone solution was offered where data would be handled by PCs at the Cornwall site, passing just the images to the monitoring station in Exeter.

As we were facilitating an essential service during a high-profile global event, security was paramount and the solution we provided needed to meet both SSE and the Police’s detailed security requirements. Working within the constraints of a government organisation with a number of firewalls, security measures, and access policies for personnel in place, we ensured that the solution we provided was compliant with their protocol and completely secure. 

We provide IT consultancy for clients across the UK, from cloud solutions for small businesses to large-scale IT infrastructure like this project. To chat to us about how we can support your business, get in touch.

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