PFA Research is a market research agency based in Cornwall. With clients across the UK, telephone and internet connections are essential to their business: after an audit of their current systems, we set them up with a 3CX VoIP phone system that would allow them to make and take calls using their office number from anywhere with internet connectivity.

3CX is a highly secure software-based phone system that can run either on-site or in the cloud: it allows teams to receive calls outside of the office, integrates with existing CRMs, and offers call recording, conference calls and much more. For more information on 3CX, have a look at our 3CX Phone Systems page.

When the lockdown began in March 2020, PFA quickly made the transition to working from home, which meant they were relying completely on their phone system to allow them to stay connected with clients and communicate internally, over the phone and using video calls. With the 3CX system already in place, they were able to move their operations online smoothly, with next to no down time. Staff were able to take their phones home from the office and continue to use their office numbers with minimal set-up.

"Working with telephone receivers, all that was needed was some re-programming of the base units in regard to home internet addresses, which Piran Technologies took care of speedily and accommodated to each of our researchers’ home requirements. Once done it was as simple as picking up the phone and dialling."

3CX also allows calls to be made from an office number using a mobile app or computer, so staff who are travelling or working remotely can use their landline number as normal.

The 3CX Web Conference function allowed PFA to host meetings remotely during the pandemic; this meant they did not need to use external providers, ensuring better security and allowing them to use their own branding for online meetings with clients.

Beate Galke from PFA says: “The quality of calls is excellent and to date we have experienced no delays and no down time which has enabled us to have an external phone system as well as being connected internally. This has allowed us to keep working on our clients’ projects throughout the lockdown, ensuring we continue to deliver to deadlines.”

The PFA team found the 3CX system worked so well that they are now switching all phone systems to 3CX. You can find more information on PFA Research and the work they do on their website.

“Piran Technologies helped us choose the system by making informed suggestions and they have been ready to assist every step of the way.”

Future-proofing your systems helps protect against unexpected disruptions – like some or all of your staff needing to work from home. We can help you plan for the unexpected, keep your systems secure and prevent unnecessary downtime: get in touch if you’d like to discuss how we could help.

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