Teagle is a market leading manufacturer and global distributor of precision-made agricultural machinery.

Established in Truro, Cornwall in 1943, Teagle has a long history of providing outstanding service to their loyal customers – and they need robust and reliable IT systems to support their operations.

We brought Teagle on board as a fully managed services customer to cover an interim period whilst they employed a new IT manager internally.

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We supported the outgoing and incoming IT manager(s) during this period to implement and recommend new IT systems to increase productivity and performance.

Teagle’s ERP & IT Systems Manager Matt Waterton explains why they brought Piran on board:

"We were having issues recruiting entry level staff for the helpdesk and holiday cover, so required a reliable managed service provider to assist with the day to day. Piran provide flexible support packages to match our requirements, allowing us to balance our changing needs. This flexibility means we never pay for services we don’t use, but we know Piran are on hand to support us when we need them."

New systems we implemented included:

Servers and SANs:

Avoiding downtime and maintaining productivity is essential for a busy global business like Teagle. We supported them through old system failures by implementing virtual machines in Failover Clusters to ensure that system uptimes were kept at a high level. By making systems highly available, we ensure that adequate windows for patch management are built in, as well as ensuring that  systems are kept operational in the event of a physical server failure. Highly available systems are critical in a variety of different industries, but particularly important for manufacturing businesses to ensure that their production lines are kept operational.

Network optimisation and alterations to core services:

When we took on the IT, there were a number of issues we immediately identified with the infrastructure that required alterations to enhance the overall experience of the network for users and IT administrators. These included DNS issues as well as some connectivity issues between the paintline and the core network. Our teams worked closely with the IT administrators to get the network operational, as well as ensuring that the disaster recovery portion of the premise had full connectivity to the other areas of the site – allowing for a true disaster recovery spin up in the event of a primary server room failure.

24/7 IT support

We also implemented core emergency cover for their server infrastructure via our on-call system, allowing them access to our expert support team 24/7.

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