Greenlight are a digital growth marketing agency, who bring together all aspects of digital marketing, creating a fluid approach to campaigns for their clients. Looking at everything from creative ideas, to site design, campaigns, analytics and results; their focus is centered driving growth and creating a healthy bottom line for their clients.

Greenlight came to us after experiencing multiple security issues. Unable to gain the support they needed from their current provider, we suggested a top-down re-organisation and support solution, which helped to streamline what systems they already had.

After conducting an initial audit of their existing IT solutions, we met with the team and suggested steps needed going forward to reduce security risks, and to improve the structure of their systems.

We assisted with delivery of multiple solutions, including the migration of Office 365 and a review of their internal networking, hosting and cloud arrangements.

Firstly, we installed a multi-layered cloud based security system to eradicate persistent malware and attacks from third parties, providing that added peace of mind. A new hosting platform for their datacenter was also implemented, which included the migration of several of Greenlight’s systems to the cloud. These cloud based networks, allow for rapid deployment of new systems, saving the business time and money in the future. Rehman Saeed, Head of IT Greenlight explains:

"The implementation of our new network has allowed us concentrate on the things that we are meant to be doing rather than becoming bogged down with security threats and complicated systems. Piran have provided us with a new flexible and cost way of working, ensuring our systems are not compromised and are always working to the best of their ability. "

We have also been able to significantly reduce costs for their outsourced support. By using our managed services, response times were reduced, changing from weeks of waiting for a response to receiving an answer within minutes.

As spiraling costs were also big issue to the business, we reduced and in some cases eliminated third party costs. For example, one single contract for a cloud hosted database that was costing £42k p.a was eliminated.

Looking to the future, we are working with Greenlight to create a long term strategic plan for improving the business’ systems. This will create opportunities for further reduction of costs and increase the IT reliability.

Find out more about the services Greenlight offers on their website.

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